It’s no secret that the fashion industry is a highly polluting industry. But there’s a trend that could really change things: the growth of a second-hand fashion market. A sector that is growing rapidly and that could turn out to be a big help in reducing the enormous strain that the supply chain leaves on the planet.

With us to discuss this new trend is Massimiliano Ventimiglia, founder of “Onde Alte,” a company dedicated to social innovation and to positive changes for the community, discussing the theme of “Second Hand, Planet First,” the third panel of GREEN B Talks, our project for sustainability currently on its third appointment.

Three special guests took the stage: Steve Dool, Global Head of Brand Partnerships at Depop, reveals something extra about the renowned marketplace specialized in second-hand and vintage clothing and how the new collaboration with Benetton came about that celebrates shared values such as diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Daisy Puddifoot, one of the most active sellers on Depop, talked to us about her products and about @happydais, her virtual shop that sells high-end vintage apparel. Then there’s Henry McNeill, owner of HMs Vintage, another hand-picked vintage and streetwear shop with a massive following on Depop.

Check out the video of the panel with Massimiliano Ventimiglia and follow us in order to get the news about the next appointments!


He started working on the web as an Internet Marketing & Communication Specialist. He contributed to the creation of the H-FARM digital transformation platform and in 2005 he founded H-ART, an agency specialized in the creation of innovative multi-screen digital marketing solutions. In 2015 he was appointed CDO of WPP Group in Italy. In 2017 he became president of AKQA Italia and he joined the “Education” team at H-FARM. He is the founder of “Onde Alte,” a Purpose first agency that helps companies develop a vision on social impact.