More than a challenge, a movement. The biggest colorful choreography in the world.

How can you join the dance? It’s easy! Just follow the Brand Effect created specifically for the occasion. An interactive and colorful filter, conceived and created for us, which teaches the steps of the choreography through a series of moving icons. The concept behind the project is inclusion: to really make everyone participate. Moving together, united by the same rhythm, surrounded by color and following the same steps. All the same and all different. To accompany the challenge there will be an original, dynamic, rhythmic track, which will immediately make you want to dance!

Some of the most famous TikTok creators have already accepted the challenge: Yusuf Pansieri (@panseriyusuf), Martina Socrate (@martinasocrate), Muriel (@mumixo), Valentina Vernia (@tiktokofbanana), Alessandro Bedetti (@alessandro_bedetti), Jingherly (@jingherly), Leonardo Barili (@iosonoleonardobarili) and Tasnim Ali (@alitasnim). These eight creators will be the first to participate in #BeUnited with their own twist, inviting their followers to join the dance.

Join the movement, follow #BeUnited and @benetton on TikTok.