We Program Benetton 2016
social commitment
for a fairer, better world

The vision of a better world, in which people interact in a fair society and a prospering environment, has lead every step we’ve taken in the past fifty years. Today our social commitment unfolds on a wide range of projects.

women empowerment program

Gender equality is a necessary step to building a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world for everyone. For this reason, in October 2015, we launched the Women Empowerment Program, a long-term sustainability program, aimed at supporting the empowerment and legitimacy of women around the world.
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our social campaigns

Since the Eighties, our campaigns have managed to shock, inform and sensitize people about the most pressing social issues of our time and how they can be addressed and resolved. Below is a selection of the most important ones.

AIDS – 1994
An important AIDS awareness campaign, which included a series of posters, a special issue of COLORS Magazine and the unrolling of a giant condom on the Place de la Concorde obelisk in Paris.
A series of posters dedicated to fighting against racial discrimination in all its forms.
A series of portraits of volunteers from all over the world for a global campaign in collaboration with UN Volunteers.
A campaign created in collaboration with the World Food Programme, a United Nations agency at the forefront of the fight against world hunger.
A campaign to promote microcredit and the work of Birima, a Senegalese cooperative credit society.
Created under the umbrella of the Unhate Foundation, a campaign to sensitize the public on the global problem of unemployment.
I BELONG – 2014
To give a voice to 10 million stateless people worldwide, a campaign created in collaboration with UNHCR, the United Nations Agency for refugees.
our communities

Our commitment begins in Ponzano Veneto, the town in which our company stands, and the land that surrounds it. And it is here that we have created a network of communities that can prosper, enabling contact with the rest of the world and bringing benefits to the local community.


The communication research centre that annually offers scholarships to fifty artists under 25 from all over the world, leaving them free to experiment in the fields of video, graphics, design, writing, photography, interactive arts and music.

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Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

A centre dedicated to the studies and research and the landscape: the history, geography, natural and cultural heritage, and conduct of the people who inhabit it.

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Ghirada – City of Sport

Built by the Benetton family in 1982, this is an area of 22 hectares that is open to everyone, 365 days a year, and dedicated to sports and outdoor activities in a healthy environment, clean and suitable for both young people and families.

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Ponzano Children

A Childhood Centre designed in collaboration with Reggio Children and following the Reggio Approach to accommodate the families of Benetton Group employees and those of the residents of the surrounding territories.

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